Spiritual Restructuring

Spiritual Restructuring is the modality which completes or rounds-out the work we do in SRT. It fills in all the blanks that existed in SRT and answers the questions the we could not previously speak to through SRT.

 “Restructuring covers the areas of body alignment, muscle work, healing of organs and glands, nutritional guidance, and alignment of the soul (mind) with the brain (called Brain Restructuring), Crystalline Restructuring of the emotional, mental and physical bodies and clearing other items indicated by Spirit for a complete and total renewing of the whole person.”

Robert Detzler (from the Restructuring Handbook)

No one says it better than Robert!

 We can definitely say that where SRT spoke to Past and Future life issues, primarily, Restructuring fills in the “present life issues” blank. Please understand we cannot and should not override someone’s free will (Spirit won’t allow it). However, present life creations can now be addressed more effectively!

We are proud to announce that Restructuring has been fully integrated into our practice and our pricing is very affordable.

“Fired my Chiropractor”

After I learned how to use Restructuring by taking Robert’s class, I fired my Chiropractor! Now don’t get me wrong, he is a nice guy, but I no longer need to have my back twisted, cracked and traumatized!

Restructuring gently energizes the muscles to relax and allow the body to align naturally. It then self adjusts. So simple! The beauty of it all is that it can all be done remotely just like SRT.

So you don’t need to make any costly trips to North Carolina to see me! We can do it remotely and discuss it in email or on the phone! It all starts with a Free Consultation.