You Have Everything To Gain And Nothing to Lose!

Why Wait?

There’s no time like the present to rid yourself of the biggest limiting factors in your life. When would be a good time to improve your quality of life through natural healing? When would you like to improve your health? Of course.. now is always better.

Start now by requesting a Free Consultation.

“You’re Never Alone”

When you order a Spiritual Response Therapy clearing, my “soul purpose” is to help you alleviate the issues that prompted you to order.  Not only do I have a money-back guarantee, but, I work with you for up to 30 days after the clearing. Sometimes issues emerge after the initial clearing.  There is no additional charge for a full 30 days after the initial clearing.  Now that’s service!

“Don’t Decide Now!”

I encourage people not to decide yet! Just order a Free Consultation. The consultation will give you insight into the amount of relief you can receive from a full clearing. I will also be able to look at specific ailments and determine if SRT is right for you.

Just Email me your name, date of birth, specific information about what issues you would like to resolve, and a phone number (or we can do it by Email if you prefer). I will then contact you with my analysis and a course of action. Send Email to:

“Secure Order Service”

If you decide to order a Spiritual Response Therapy clearing, it’s all done on my secure server. So you never have to worry about your credit card number or any private information being compromised. This is truly alternative healing which puts you on the path to a higher quality of life, while protecting your privacy!

Special Promotions

1.  Premium SRT & Restructuring Clearings are $165. (This includes  30 days unlimited follow-up and a CD of the session).

2.  Basic SRT Clearing is $110. (This includes 30 days follow-up, CD and the money-back guarantee applies).

3.  Spiritual Restructuring is $55.(This is for people who have been cleared through SRT and now want restructuring)

4.  Animal Clearings are only $50.

5.  Property Clearings are $25.

6.  Daily Clearing Program $30 per month.