“Awaken to your perfection!” 

 “Live your soul purpose!”

If you suffer from physical challenges and ailments, it’s possible to release those problems with Spiritual Response Therapy. We can determine with a high degree of assuredness, before the clearing, if SRT can help.

Free Consultation will tell you how much healing can be gained from a clearing. Spiritual Response Therapy is not a “magic wand”, however, it has afforded what some people refer to as “healing miracles”.

The process of an SRT clearing can remove past life issues that tend to block your body’s ability to heal itself.

The Who and Why of this Site!

My name is Eric Scott. I live in Durham, NC. Since my name is not “Deepak Chopra”, I have to tell you a little about myself so that (a) you can be confident about what I am offering to you and (b) you can understand why I am offering Spiritual Response Therapy to you at this time.

Let’s face it, the web is so anonymous that anyone can pretend to be anything and get away with it. But you have not come here for vague, hyped-up, and non-verifiable claims.

After college (North Ga. College, Dahlonega, GA), I spent twenty years in the U.S. Army and retired from that profession in 1992 as a Lieutenant Colonel. I subsequently was a successful self-employed salesperson for several years.

Approximately seventeen years ago, I developed atrial fibrillation and after much work with an excellent cardiologist, the best modern science could do was control the issue with drugs. My frustration led me to spiritual healing and eventually to Spiritual Response Therapy.

That was when my life took a major change for the better. Not only has SRT improved my heart condition, but it has improved all facets of my life. I have better relationships and am much more comfortable and at ease with everyone I deal with. In short, a higher quality of life!

When the company I was working with went out of business, I decided to work as a practitioner of SRT and share the healing blessing with other people as a full-time profession. I have been able to help over 6,400 souls through SRT in the past eight years of active practice and look forward to helping many more.

“Benefits To You!”

1. Higher quality of life.

2. Dramatically reduced stress and anxiety.

3. Improved physical energy and health.

4. Enhanced spiritual connection. 

5. Feel more inner peace.

6. Experience greater perceptual clarity.

7. Greater joy and confidence. 


Spiritual Response Therapy has also been very effective in erasing phobias. Phobias can severely limit our ability to enjoy much of what this wonderful life has to offer. If you suffer from a debilitating phobia, imagine what it would be like to be free from that limitation! No more fear of flying! Isn’t that empowering?


Are you suffering from depression? I can ascertain the degree of relief Spiritual Response Therapy will provide before a clearing is conducted. I have found, many times, that depression has a great deal to do with past-life issues. Depression is very treatable with SRT.

“Pet Clearing”

Do you have a seemingly neurotic pet? Spiritual Response Therapy has been used to great success in clearing their issues as well. It is the same process, only with a different soul.

One of the most amazing things about SRT is that it can be done remotely. That means that you can live anywhere in the world and receive the relief of SRT. How convenient is that?

No costly trip to see me, all you have to do is order an SRT clearing and I will send you the results on a CD. I’ll even conduct follow-up work for up to thirty days at no additional charge. There aren’t many alternative healers who will do that.

“Ironclad Guarantee”

As if that weren’t enough, if within thirty days you don’t think that Spiritual Response Therapy has helped you, I’ll refund your money! No questions asked! What does this mean for you?



PHONE: 919.819.3231